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School Counselor

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At Northwood Intermediate, home of the Little Jackets, we believe that all students' social-emotional and academic development should be nurtured through a variety of counseling activities.


Matt Norviel
School Counselor
Northwood Intermediate


Through classroom, group, and individual counseling, students are able to find coping strategies that will empower them to become happy, healthy children and productive, resilient adults later in life. We are building the foundation for future personal, academic, and career success at an early age!

Counseling Services

Referrals & Connection to Community Resources

The counselor can help connect students and families with resources in the community that will help with positive development outside of the school setting.

Meet the Counselor

Hey there! I’m Matt Norviel, your school counselor at Northwood Intermediate School. Following the typical route for school counselors, I graduated from the Fisher College of Business at Ohio State with a degree in Marketing in 2008. Upon graduation, I began substitute teaching and found fulfillment working with kids - especially providing support for those going through their own growth and development. While I continued to work with youth in several capacities, I enrolled in the School Counselor Master’s program at the University of Dayton, completing my degree in 2011. I was hired to be the school counselor at what was then Whittier Elementary in 2012, shifting to work with the 3rd and 4th graders at Northwood in 2019.  

Public education is somewhat of a family business for me. I grew up with both parents as educators, along with numerous aunts and cousins, and am now married to a teacher, Mrs. Kate Norviel, kindergarten teacher at Emerson Primary. Over the years my passion for helping kids on their journey has only grown, as has my belief in the importance of a strong public education system.